How to stop overthinking

There’s a saying that goes like this, ‘overthinking is like sitting on a rocking chair, it keeps you doing something but it doesn’t get to anywhere.’. Sometimes we like imagining the worst possible outcome, and then we start worrying about it. I am no psychologist, but as a person who had been battling with anxiety for years, I have come up with several ways to deal with overthinking.

Step one, analysis your worries, whether there is an actual solution to solve that problem. If yes, then plan out how you can solve it. However, most of our worries are just imaginary problems or things that are less likely to happen, which there’s not much we can do about it. Thus, step two, try to imagine the worst scenario and accept it. The moment we start to accept the worst possible outcome, we will no longer worry. Also, know the importance of enjoying the present and look forward to the future, instead of regretting what you did in the past.

Let’s say, you have a presentation in front of all your schoolmates tomorrow, you are scared of things that might go wrong. As mentioned, you could analysis your worry, which might be stuttering or embarrassing yourself, and the only thing you can do at the moment is practicing. And if that doesn’t calm you down, start imagining the worst possible outcome. Even if you accidentally mess up the presentation, and what? Life still moves on!

Most importantly, every single mistake you make is a valuable lesson in life, instead of regretting or worrying about making mistakes, be fearless and try not to be held by your worries.

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