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Remote Work 遙距 / 在家工作

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  • 撰寫關於 Freelancer / 自由工作者 / Slash / 自由工作模式 / Lifestyle work 的原創文章
  • 高質及原創文章內容
  • 香港註冊醫療公司
  • 符合香港所有法例 公司與海外超過700所醫療機構建立合作關係
  • 主要負責網上推廣及宣傳  
  • 本公司核心經營理念為:「為現時年輕一代透過學習和實踐提高自身價值。」
  • 主要內容:
  • 負責網上推廣公司醫療保健產品,大部分以網絡型式推廣
按項目計酬 Project-Based: $HKD 5000 - 22000
  • Agent Company
  • Online Marketing(Digital Marketing)
  • 內容:推廣品牌及增加銷售收入
按項目計酬 Project-Based: $HKD 5000 - 10000
  • job關於寫套簡單 system 主要兩個功能 auto email客續約 send email比客取件 唔駛online payment 有興趣電話詳談 36111333
  • 本團隊包括多位高資歷人士,本團隊區域經理踏入友邦保險已18個年頭,負責項目包括資產配置、互惠投資基金、退休計劃、風險對冲管理和財產規劃。財富管理亦於近十年以來增長最快的行業。
  • Mr Beta Wong憑着卓越的成績,被評為全公司的傑出分區經理,現已晉升為區域經理,以他豐富的行業經驗及團隊管理心得,讓團隊中有多名同事獲得百萬圓桌會員的資格 (Million  Dollar  Round  Table, MDRT),團員們包括從內地移居香港多年,由零客戶資源發展到擁有自己團隊,並連續兩年達成MDRT的成績,現時Miss Mandy Tsui已成為分區經理帶領團隊打進內地市場,善於處理內地客戶,甚至有團員只利用2個月的時間達成MDRT會員資格,另一位出色人才就是現時已成為新晉分區經理Mr Matthew Yuan(多次穩坐Top FYC之位),三位資深經理分別帶領三小隊朝往成功之路進發,讓三個團隊繼續擴大發展,加入更多年輕又有潛力的人才。
按項目計酬 Project-Based: $HKD 16500 - 80000
  • 負責網上產品推廣,向客戶銷售基因檢測服務
  • 基因檢測為香港醫療科技潮流,助客人了解個人健康狀況,預況疾病。 本公司向客戶提供檢測服務,希望惠及廣大市民。本公司服務持牌,現招募伙伴加入我們的年青團隊,為自已創造更大收益。
  • //要求:
按項目計酬 Project-Based: $HKD 500 - 15000
  • This is a remote, part-time, commission-based position. Successful candidates decide where and when they work. Most work 2-12 hours per week. Your income potential is based on the projects you work on.   We are looking for a motivated and talented Remote Specialist with a strong customer focus and entrepreneurial spirit to join our network of specialists. Based on your previous experience, you will manage relevant project delivery, coordinate freelancers, communicate to clients on status, deliver on timelines, design detailed plans, and create business development content.  Responsibilities
  • Set project timelines
  • Engage prospective clients
  • Oursky is an engineering-driven company and we want to build the most beautiful, usable and technically interesting software. Our Product Owners are important part of it, they focus in understanding client's business and process, so that they can provide professional product management advice and deliver result. This is a perfect position for you, if you love taking responsibility, love great product design and technology, analytical, out-going and enjoy producing great products. You will learn the following in this position in 3 - 5 years time:
  • Learn how to “own” a digital product (web / mobile), work with team of professional to make it happens.
  • Learn product and UX design concept and maintain quality of products.
  • Work closely with internal and external parties for various marketing campaigns
  • Explore Joint Promotional partners to achieve company business objective
  • Establish & maintain strong relationship with business partners to smoother execution of marketing strategies/events
  • Our company is an entertainment company. We are looking for a designer who is able to design poster, hoarding and shop window display. As for this task, we want to find a designer who has strong color sense to design slogan on foam boards.
  • 誠徵兼職海外物業營業員
  • 時勢不好,想找兼職?你的工作只需要向你身邊的親戚,朋友,同事介紹我們代理的物業,就可得到豐厚佣金萬元起。彈性工作時間,只要你肯開口就有機會。
  • 歡迎保險從業員,上班族,退休或自由身地產營銷員  
  • We are looking for a developer to join our new IoT product development.
  • developing features with hardware SDK
  • identify performance blockers
時薪 Hourly: $HKD 45 - 60
  • 資料輸入,整理存檔,資料搜集整理,成本價格計算,報價訂貨,執拾整理樣板標價