Three Things That Every Artist Should Know

1. Creativity, not plagiarism

As an artist, it is important to stay creative. We all know that stealing others’ artwork and claiming that it’s ours is a wrong act. However, some people have been stealing art in the name of “getting inspired”. They may create something that looks highly similar or almost identical to someone’s work and claim it to be their creation. Creativity is defined as the act of turning imaginations, or something innovative into reality. Of course, presently there are tons of art, it is impossible that your art has no similarity with other art. There is a fine line between originality and plagiarism, which is, you have to have to come up with the main idea of how to create your art. You may get inspired by other artists, but make sure that you are the one developing the core of the artwork. 

2. Develop your own style

As mentioned, there are tons of artists nowadays. To make yourself stand out from the elite, you must develop your style to make yourself special. It is often hard to find your style, especially for new artists. When you are inspired by so many great artists, sometimes it can be confusing to decide what style to go for. My tip is, don’t try to draw like any artist you like. You may put some elements from other artists in your creation, but you should never want to draw exactly like a particular artist. Let’s say even if you draw amazingly just like Vincent van Gogh does, you wouldn’t be able to make a name for yourself in the industry, as you will only be known as the mimic of van Gogh. 

3. Enjoy 

Of course, all artists must have been enthusiastic about drawing, or else they wouldn’t even become an artist. But my point is, sometimes it can be exhausting or even frustrating when you are turning drawing into a career. Seeing drawing as a hobby can be quite a relief. But when you have to draw to earn you a living, that can be quite overwhelming. Doing commissions or building up your reputation in the industry is no easy job. Nevertheless, never let those hardships outweigh your passion for drawing. There will be hard days but you need to hold on and remember the joy that drawing brought to you in the first place. 

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