Business Service

Business Operation Service (HR/ Sales/ R&D/ Marketing/ Accounting..)

We provide remote Business Operation Service to SMEs and Start-ups, to accelerate the realisation of business's vision, without the boundaries of time or knowledge.

我們為中小企業和初創企業提供業務運營服務。 加速實現企業願景,不受時間或知識的限制。

Support end-to-end cycle, manage their corporate operations from the early stage to growth
Handle unmet needs, from tackle repetitive to business specific needs
Never pay  for unused time, cost effective and charge by hour

The concept is so that you can save the time to deal with repetitive tasks and be able to spend your time to grow your business.



– 關鍵字研究、市場產品調查、數據成效分析、Facebook及Instagram Ads、Google Ads、YouTube Ads、Amazon Ads、SEO等數碼營銷策略
– HKTVmall、Amazon、eBay、Shopee、Shopify等網上銷售平台的電商營運與管理技巧
– B2B銷售技巧
– 基礎概念與知識
– 實務與操作技巧
– 電商思維培養技巧
– 客戶投訴與風險管理技巧
– 電商潮流與趨勢
– 財務與稅務知識
– 任何與網上銷售業務相關的其他知訊