Ruby Sung

Copywriter/ storyteller

我是一個說故事的人,擁有豐富的市場營銷背景、服務電商公司的經驗和無限創意。在網絡世界做內容營銷只靠兩點: 目的 和 數據。你想傳遞什麼訊息? 你如何在對的時間在對的人面前出現? 就像人一樣,理智與感情兼備。入心靠感染,成績靠策略。


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I am a storyteller, embracing a rich marketing background, proven track records for e-commerce clients and endless creativity.  To master the art of digital marketing, two keys are essential: Purpose & Data.  What messages are you trying to convey? How can you appear at the right time in front of the right people? It's the merge of emotions and logic, just like us as a human. You inspire, you analyse.

Being a Marketing graduate from the City University of Hong Kong, I have possessed experience working for e-commerce giant Alibaba and winning over business competitions from New World and Cyberport. My business acumen, customer-oriented mind and creative thinking empowers me to craft engaging content. I have helped multiple e-commerce brands to grow their online presence. I mainly help them with writing social media post, SEO-friendly articles, website & email content, translation and editing, not limited to Chinese and English.

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